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Murray heads the Religious Freedom Coalition, a non-profit educational organization, and is author of a new book 'The Pledge: One Nation Under God'.

"It's fitting for Mr. Murray to join us advocating for public prayer at precisely the spot where he once stood after his lawyers argued against it," added the prayer event's chief organizer, evangelical minister Rob Schenck.


"Nobody knows this subject like Mr. Murray. He was used, abused and brainwashed into thinking prayer violated the Constitution. Now he uses his God-given genius to bring prayer back to schools and to all of American public life," said Schenk, who leads the National Clergy Council, a network of conservative as well as traditional Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant clergy and others.

Other participants were to include Reverend Patrick J. Mahoney, a Presbyterian minister and director of the Christian Defense Coalition grouping and Father Jay Longacre, a Catholic Priest and president of St. Thomas Ministries Foundation.

The group of clergy and lay people were to offer prayers "for the nation", followed by a news conference, starting at 1500 hours local time near the West Steps of the US Supreme Court at Washington DC's 1 First Street, NE. (With reports from Washington DC).

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