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Year 2006 Deadliest For Journalists; 155 Killed, IFJ Says

December 31, 2006
BRUSSELS/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife) -- The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said Sunday, December 31, that 2006 "was a year of tragedy" for the world’s media as killings of reporters and media staff reached

BREAKING NEWS: Iraq Christians Face Tensions After Saddam Hussein’s Execution

December 30, 2006
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BosNewsLife)-- Iraq's minority Christians faced uncertainty Saturday, December 30, hours after former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging at

Cuba Christians Concerned Over Health Journalist

December 30, 2006
HAVANA, CUBA (BosNewsLife)-- Despite pleas from fellow persecuted Christians not to do so, Cuban prisoner of conscience and journalist

Hungary Christians “Mourn” Abortion Victims

December 30, 2006
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)-- Hungarian Christians have expressed concern over a massive number of abortions here at a time when the population is

Persecuted Iranian Christians Pray For Muslims

December 30, 2006
TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in and outside Iran, including persecuted believers, prayed for Muslims Friday, December 29, in hope that Muslims will get to know

Vietnam Security Forces Detain Christian Montagnards, Rape Girl, group says

December 28, 2006
HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Traumatized Christian Degar Montagnards in Vietnam's Central Highlands were preparing for a difficult New Year on Thursday, December 28, after

China Detains House Church Leader, “Raids” Christmas Service

December 28, 2006
BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Chinese security forces have raided a house church in Beijing to prevent it from holding Christmas season worship services while

India Hindu Militants Attack Christians For Singing Christmas Carols; Church Burnt Down

December 27, 2006
NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)-- Evangelical Christians in central and eastern India were recovering from injuries Wednesday, December 27, after Hindu militants attacked them for

NEWS ALERT: Former US President Ford Dies At 93; “Love of God” and Country Recalled By Friends

December 27, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (BosNewsLife) -- Funeral arrangements were underway Wednesday, December 27, following the death of America's accidental

Christian Rights Group Urges China “To Save Life” Of Blind Pro-Life Lawyer

December 26, 2006
BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Christian human rights group Jubilee Campaign USA asked its supporters Tuesday, December 26, to help "save the life" of blind pro-life lawyer
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