Muslim Militants Release 20 Christians In Syria; Priest Under House Arrest

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service

syria-priest-717x450-440x276DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife)-- Some 20 Christians kidnapped by fighters linked to terror group al-Qaida in Syria have been released but their priest remained under house arrest Monday, October 13, awaiting an Islamic court trial, church sources said.

BREAKING NEWS: Syria Rebels Release Greek Orthodox Nuns

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By BosNewsLife Middle East Service with additional reporting by Vatican Radio's Lydia O'Kane

PhotoDAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife)-- Syrian Christians were rejoicing Monday, March 10, after rebels freed more than a dozen Greek Orthodox nuns ending their near four-month captivity in exchange for Syrian authorities releasing dozens of female prisoners.

NEWS ALERT: Mounting Concern Over Abduction Syria Nuns

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service

maaloulaDAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife)-- Syria's minority Christians faced another day of anxiety Thursday, December 5, amid mounting concern about the fate of a group of nuns who were abducted by suspected Islamic fighters.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Calls For Destruction Mideast Churches; Nuns Attacked In Egypt

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service

RIYADH/CAIRO (BosNewsLife)– The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said Friday, March 16, that all churches in the Middle East must be destroyed, adding to concerns among Christians facing violence, including in Egypt, where two nuns are already recovering after a massive attack on their guesthouse