MISSION WATCH: Christians Facing Hardship In Indonesia’s Tsunami Stricken Areas

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christian aid workers are among those rushing to save lives in Indonesia where giant tidal waves, triggered by a volcanic eruption, crashed on the western shores of Java and the southern beaches of Sumatra, the country's two most populous islands, killing more than 430 people including Christians.

Indonesian Christians Express Heartbreak And Hope In Quake-Hit Sulawesi

By BosNewsLife Asia Service, Stefan J. Bos and reporting from the region

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Indonesia's quake-hit Sulawesi island say they experience miracles amid the devastation, including the death of dozens of children at a Christian camp. In one location a church is the only one building standing. Elsewhere, a Christian pilot claims the Holy Spirit made him leave three minutes early from Palu airport which moments later was hit by last week's 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami waves as high as six meters (20 feet).

NEWS ALERT: Christian Aid Groups Rush To Earthquake Stricken Japan Amid Fears Of Nuclear Disaster

By BosNewsLife Asia Service with Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife

TOKYO/NEW DELHI (BosNewsLife)-- America's largest Christian aid and evangelistic groups are among those rushing to Japan after Japanese churches appealed for help amid fears of a major nuclear disaster and further aftershocks in a country already coping with the aftermath of its strongest earthquake on record and subsequent tsunami.