warned Israel to “stop its aggression” against Palestinians immediately which it said "would have fatal consequences and lead to a vicious circle of violence".

Egypt’s announcement came after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat "an enemy" and launched the most direct military attack on his Ramallah headquarters in 18 months of conflict.

Television footage showed Israeli troops smashed into Arafat’s compound with tanks on Friday, March 29, triggering gun battles in which at least six Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were said to have been killed.


Speaking to reporters, Sharon said he had no other choice after several attacks including a "Passover massacre" on Thursday in a Netanya Hotel, where Jews prepared the Passover meal, to mark the Exodus of Israelites from Egyptian bondage some 3,500 years ago.

"In the past few days we have witnessed horrific terrorist attack – the attack during the Pesach Seder in Netanya, where 21 people were killed, tonight’s events in Eilon More, resulting in 4 deaths, and the incident which is currently taking place in Netzarim where so far two people have been killed," he said.


There were more signs that the Jewish Passover holiday would be overshadowed by further bloodshed Friday, March 29, the same say that Christians recalled how Jesus Christ died at a cross in Israel.

As Sharon launched the military raid, a Palestinian blew herself up in a Jerusalem supermarket, killing two and wounding at least 20, according to local reports.  At the same time Palestinian radio reported that Arafat’s Fatah called on Palestinian gunmen to take the fight to Israel, the Voice of America said.

In a telephone interview from his besieged headquarters on Al-Jazeera television, Arafat said Palestinians will not give in to Israel.  “Israel is once again showing it does not want peace,” he said.


However International Christians Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) seems to support the Israeli Government’s actions. "In front of the international media, (Palestinian Liberation Organization) chief Yasser Arafat condemns violence against Israeli civilians," noted ICEJ in a statement.

"But behind much of the recent lethal Palestinian terror attacks accounting for scores of Israeli deaths are organizations controlled by his own Fatah movement," the ICEJ said.  Its representatives have earlier urged Christians to pray for and visit Israel at what it sees as a historic and biblical era.


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