Journalists Stefan J. Bos and his wife Agnes R. Bos said they realized that Christians across Asia suffer for their faith, "including even in India which has been described by international media as ‘the world’s largest democracy’."

In recent months BosNewsLife extended its team of reporters in Asia following BosNewsLife investigations in Burma and Laos, which also aired across the world via major networks including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster.

BosNewsLife plans similar moves in the Middle East and Africa. "We also want to intensify coverage on Israel, as this is the land of the Bible," the journalists said. In addition the news agency is developing contacts in Africa where many Christians suffer under both persecution, disease and hunger, the founders said in a statement.  


BosNewsLife is also extending its services for the Russian market amid concerns over a new crackdown in Russia and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union on independent media.

"We have an increasing number of news stories already available in the Russian language," added Agnes R. Bos, who also works for the Russian services of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Radio France International (RFI).

"They deal both with persecution as well as news stories related to democracy and human rights," she added. Since its inception May 1, 2004, BosNewsLife experienced challenges, including "being hacked by people opposing its mission and a media campaign in Hungary by far right nationalists," Stefan J. Bos recalled.


However Bos said troubles "were expected" as "an increasing number of authorities closely watch" the news agency.

"We were for instance mentioned in a White Book on persecution of Christians that was officially presented to the Indian prime minister. And more recently the Dutch embassy in Iran began an investigation into reports of attacks against Christians that included at least one murder," he said. 

"In addition we saw that our coverage played a role in the release of Christians in China and put pressure on authorities in Iran for instance."  Based in Budapest, BosNewsLife started operations May 01, 2004 as Hungary and nine other mainly ex-Communist countries joined the European Union.                                                              


"We wanted to launch BosNewsLife and its website on the day former Soviet satellite states rejoined Europe after decades of Communism to inform people living here and around the world about the spiritual and political challenges ahead," Bos added.

BosNewsLife is aimed at what it calls "compassionate professionals" and reports "hard hitting news stories" with a special focus on persecuted Christians, Jewish people and other minorities in former and current Communist countries, as well as other nations experiencing difficulties.

(A ‘Read-Only’ subscription starts from $29,95 per year, while publishers can receive a ‘Republishing Subscription’ with full rights from $119,95 annually. Dissidents and others persecuted for their faith receive BosNewsLife for free).  


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