"We welcome the fact that there is justice on the way but in order for justice to be fully delivered those who ordered killing must be held accountable," added IFJ General Secretary Aidan White in a statement obtained by BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest.

Russian investigators said Wednesday, June 18, that they charged Sergei Khadzhikurbanov, Dzhabrail and Ibragim Makhmudov with Politkovskaya’s murder.

The suspected gunman, Rustam Makhmudov, remains at large, according to reports. Another man, former secret service officer Pavel Ryaguzov, was charged with abuse of power and extortion in connection with the inquiry but the committee said the charges relate to other crimes.


Politkovskaya, an internationally renowned Kremlin critic who "regularly exposed human rights abuses by Russian forces in Chechnya," was shot in the entrance to her block of flats on 7th October 2006, IFJ recalled. Her assassination sparked protests and demonstrations around the world in sympathy for her family and demanding justice.

Politkovskaya’s murder brought international attention to the danger that journalists face in Russia, said IFJ, which represents journalists in 122 countries. “She was one of four media workers killed in Russia in 2006.

Around 255 journalists and media staff have been killed in Russia since 1993,” IFJ said. The group noted that "many of these deaths have been explained," but said that under President Vladimir Putin "around 20 killings of journalist” took place "and none of them have been satisfactorily resolved." (BosNewsLife NEWS WATCH is a regular look at key news developments impacting the Church and/or compassionate proffesionals. It is also a vehicle to cover key human rights and freedom of expression stories in line with BosNewsLife’s mission).  


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