NEWS ALERT: Nigeria Christians Mourn Dozens Killed In New Islamic Attacks

By BosNewsLife Africa Service nigeria_christians1 ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Nigeria's central-east Taraba state are mourning the death of dozens of believers who were killed by Islamic militants while they were worshiping in a church.

Somalia Militants Kill Christian Widow; 5 Children Orphaned

By BosNewsLife Africa Service SOMALIA MILITIAMOGADISHU, SOMALIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Somalia feared more violence Monday, April 29, after Islamic militants reportedly killed the widow of a Christian who was slain for his faith in December, leaving the couple’s five children orphaned.

BREAKING NEWS: Church: ‘Up To 2,000 People Massacred In Nigeria’ (Update)

By BosNewsLife Africa Service with additional reporting by Stefan J. Bos and David Maggiore OTHER360665_ArticoloABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)-- One of Africa's most influential church leaders has urged prayers after Islamist group Boko Haram killed as many as 2,000 people in northeastern Nigeria in what would be its worst single atrocity.

Egypt Student Killed For Wearing Crucifix At School, Christians say

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Egypt have demanded a full investigation after a teenager was reportedly killed in the country's central province of Minya for wearing a crucifix at school.

Egypt Raids Christian Broadcaster; Director Detained

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service downloadCAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- Christian broadcaster SAT-7, which airs in the Middle East and North Africa, has urged for prayers after Egyptian authorities confiscated crucial equipment during a raid on its studios in Cairo and a local director was detained.

Global Christmas Celebrations Overshadowed By Violence (ROUND-UP)

By BosNewsLife News Center with reports from Vatican, Africa, Asia and Middle East
VATICAN CITY/MANILA/ABUJA/BAGHDAD/JERUSALEM (BosNewsLife)-- Christmas celebrations have been overshadowed by deadly violence against Christians in Africa and Asia, while several church services in the Middle East were canceled due to concerns over terror attacks.

US Pastor “Thanking God” After Kidnapping Ends In Egypt

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- An American evangelical pastor is "thanking God" that he and two others have been released after they were kidnapped in Egypt last week.

BREAKING NEWS: Warnings Of Nigeria Civil War After Violence Kills Dozens Of Christians

By BosNewsLife Africa Service ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Nigeria are mourning dozens of believers killed since Thursday, January 5, amid warnings from the head of Nigerian Christians that the violence is reminiscent of the outbreak of the 1960s civil war.

Thousands Flee As Nigeria Militants Kill Christians

By BosNewsLife Africa Service eng_nigeria_clash_b_711099g ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)– Nigerian Islamic militants have threatened a massive bloodbath after killing at least two Christians in recent days, forcing thousands of people to flee their villages along Nigeria's northeast, refugees said Saturday June 22.

BREAKING NEWS: Ethiopia Mourns 30 Christians Killed By Islamic State

By BosNewsLife Africa and Middle East Services with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos IslamicState By BosNewsLife Africa and Middle East Services with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos ADDIS ABABA/TRIPOLI (BosNewsLife)-- Ethiopia began three days of national mourning Tuesday, April 21, for dozens of Ethiopian Christians who were shown being killed by Islamic State (IS) group militants in Libya after they apparently refused to convert to Islam.