Young Christian Dies In Eritrea Prison Camp

By BosNewsLife Africa Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos eritrea_containers3ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- A young Christian woman has died in one of Eritrea's military prison camps after she was reportedly denied medical treatment for malaria and severe anemia.

Eritrea Christian Dies In Prison Camp; Pastor Released

By BosNewsLife Africa Service ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in a detention camp in Eritrea faced a difficult Sunday, February 21, as news emerged that one of their fellow inmate died of a heart attack in the notorious Alla Military Camp after alleged abuses.

NEWS ALERT: Eritrea Detains 30 Christian Women, Group Says

By BosNewsLife Africa Service eritrea_wire1-150x150ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- Security forces in Eritrea have detained dozens, mostly elderly, Christian women in the capital Amara as part of a crackdown on evangelical activities, an advocacy group said Monday, December 7.

NEWS ALERT: Eritrea Evangelical Christian Dies In Prison Camp

By BosNewsLife Africa Service eritrea_wire1ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- The situation of detained Christians in Eritrea has worsened, amid reports that a Christian man held in the country's notorious Wi'a Military Camp has died of meningitis, following an outbreak in the prison, BosNewsLife learned Tuesday September 22.

NEWS ALERT: Eritrean Christian Dies In Prison Camp

By BosNewsLife Senior Special Correspondent Eric Leijenaar with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos eritrea_containers3ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- A Christian man has died in one of Eritrea's notorious military prison camps, the ninth believer known to have perished in detention in the African nation, a Christian aid and advocacy group told BosNewsLife.

Eritrea Detains 15 Monks, Group Says

By Eric Leijenaar, BosNewsLife Senior Special Correspondent patriarch ASMARA/AMSTERDAM (BosNewsLife)-- Eritrea has detained 15 monks in the capital Asmara for allegedly planning actions in and outside the African country against the "government's interference" in the Eritrean Orthodox Church, rights campaigners confirmed Tuesday, July 7.

Rights Groups Demand Release Thousands Of Eritrean Christians

By BosNewsLife Africa Service asmaraASMARA/LONDON (BosNewsLife)-- Supporters of five religious rights groups have demonstrated outside the Eritrean embassy in London against “human rights violations” in Eritrea where up to 3,000 Christians remain detained without charges, organizers said Friday, May 29.

Eritrea Releases Three Christian Women From Military Camp

By BosNewsLife Senior Special Correspondent Eric Leijenaar eritrea_mapASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- Three women were free Friday, May 8, as Eritrean authorities unexpectedly released them from a notorious military prison camp where they were detained for six months because of their membership of a "banned" Christian movement, an advocacy group with close knowledge of the situation said.

Eritrea’s Government Involved In Attacking Rights Activists Abroad, Group Claims

By BosNewsLife News Center ASMARA/ROME (BosNewsLife)-- Christian rights activists have expressed concerns over the alleged international efforts by Eritrea's government to intimidate opponents of its policies, after an Italian human rights defender was seriously injured when Eritrean government supporters apparently threw rocks and bottles at her during a demonstration in Rome.

Eritrea’s “Repressive Government” May Use European Aid Package, Groups Warn

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife eritrea_pastor1ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)-- Four religious liberty groups urged the European Commission, the European Union's executive branch, Wednesday, April 1, "to ensure that aid money” allocated to Eritrea "reaches and benefits the people of that country," amid concerns it may only reach "one of the most repressive" governments of Africa.