Morocco Expels Christian Missionaries

By BosNewsLife News Center moroc1RABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Morocco said Sunday, March 29, it has expelled five Christian missionaries because they were "ilegally" trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.

BREAKING NEWS: Morocco Deports Christian Aid Workers In Massive Crackdown

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife image004RABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- A baby boy was reportedly fighting for his life Saturday, March 13, after Moroccan authorities expelled his Christian foster parents and some 70 other foreign Christian aid workers for allegedly trying to convert local Muslims.

NEWS ALERT: Morocco Expels 100 Christian Foreigners

By BosNewsLife Africa Service image002RABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Morocco has expelled 100 foreign Christians since March because they allegedly tried to convert Muslims, the harshest crackdown in decades, BosNewsLife learned Saturday, May 22.

Morocco Fatwa Demands Death Sentence For Christian Converts

By BosNewsLife Africa Service bakrimRABAT,MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Christian converts in Morocco feared for their future Thursday, April 25, after the country's highest Islamic institute issued a fatwa demanding the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their religion.

Morocco Security Forces Raid Bible Study Group; American Deported

By BosNewsLife News Center RABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Moroccan security forces raided a Bible study group and detained 18 Moroccans while deporting an American citizen, BosNewsLife learned Friday, February 12.

ALERT: Morocco Christian Jailed For Evangelizing Amid Crackdown

By BosNewsLife Africa Service moroccoRABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- A Moroccan Christian remained behind bars Wednesday, September 11, after he was jailed for two-and-a-half years and fined for evangelizing, trial observers said.

Morocco ‘Temporarily’ Frees Evangelist From Prison

By BosNewsLife Africa Service moroccoRABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- A Moroccan Christian man jailed for evangelism was free Friday, October 4, after he was temporarily released, trial observers said. Mohamed el Baldi, 34, from the town of Aïn Aïcha, near Fes, was given two-and-a-half years in prison, and ordered to pay 5000 dirhams ($600) for “shaking the faith of a Muslim”, at a court hearing on September 3.

Christian Convert Nearly 7 Years In Morocco Jail

By BosNewsLife Africa Service RABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Nearly seven years into the prison sentence of the only Christian in Morocco known to be extensively detained for his faith, local Christians and activists have questioned the Muslim state's harsh measure toward a man who dared to publicly speak about Jesus Christ.

Christian Orphanage Fights Expulsion From Morocco

By BosNewsLife Africa Service fosterparentsRABAT, MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)-- Western Christians who ran an orphanage in Morocco until they were deported on charges of "proselytism" were awaiting Monday, June 3, whether they would be able to return amid uncertainty over a court ruling. In published remarks the Village of Hope (VoH) co-director Herman Boonstra said the Administrative Court of Rabat last month delivered a verbal ruling in favor of the Moroccan government, but that no "written verdict" had been received.

U.S. Pastors Praise Morocco As Christian Serves Jail Sentence For Evangelism

By George Whitten, BosNewsLife Senior Correspondent RABAT / WASHINGTON (BosNewsLife)-- A Christian is serving 15 years in a Moroccan jail for evangelism, a Christian rights groups said, while American Christian leaders praised Morocco Thursday, June 17, for its "long history of friendship and religious cooperation."

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