Zanzibar Churches Torched; Christians Harassed

By BosNewsLife Africa Service ZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Leaders of Christians in Zanzibar, Tanzania's semi-autonomous archipelago, have appealed for more religious freedom in the heavily Islamic region, after Muslim extremists allegedly destroyed at least two church buildings, while elsewhere believers were detained or harassed.  

Tanzania Christians Seek Justice After Destruction Churches

By BosNewsLife Africa Service
ZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Tanzanian Christians were seeking justice Thursday, June 14, after hundreds of supporters of a separatist Islamic group burned two church buildings in the East African nation's semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar.

Tanzania Detains Six After Deadly Church Blast

By BosNewsLife Africa Service tanzaniaDODOMA, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Tanzanian authorities have detained six people, including four from Saudi Arabia, after an attack that killed two people and injured dozens during a mass at a church, officials said Monday, May 6. The Vatican's ambassador escaped unharmed, BosNewsLife learned.

Christians “Detained, Beaten” In Indian Ocean Nations

By BosNewsLife Africa Service ZANZIBAR, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians on the predominantly Muslim islands of Pemba and the Comoros archipelago faced another tense day Monday, December 8, amid fresh reports that believers have been beaten, detained and banished for their faith.

Tanzania Christmas Without Murdered Youth Leader

By BosNewsLife Africa Service VOM-Tanzania-Christians DODOMA, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Grieving family members observed their first Christmas in northern Tanzania without devoted Christian youth leader Elias Lunyamila Meshack, after he was hacked to death by suspected Islamic militants.

Muslim Mob Burn Tanzania Churches; Militants Detained

By Joseph DeCaro, BosNewsLife International Correspondent DODOMA, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)– Several Christians in Tanzania were struggling to find a place to worship Sunday, November 4, after Islamic militants attacked Christians, torched at least three churches and damaged other Christian properties in the East African country's largest city, officials said.

Zanzibar Christians Fear More Attacks After Church Burnings, Evictions

By BosNewsLife Africa Service 300px-fort-zanzibarZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians on Tanzania's Zanzibar Island anticipated more attacks against them Wednesday, July 1, as two churches were reportedly burned over the weekend by suspected militants opposing the spread of Christianity on the Muslim dominated semi-autonomous territory.

Tanzania Court Acquits Christian Evangelists Of ”Illegal Preaching”

By BosNewsLife Africa Service DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Two Christian evangelists were free Sunday, August 15, after a court in Tanzania acquitted them of “illegal preaching”, trial observers said.

Tanzania President Concerned As Militants Target Zanzibar Churches

By BosNewsLife Africa Service 300px-fort-zanzibarDAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)-- Tanzania's president has expressed concern over religious tensions amid reports that several Christians were slightly injured in bomb attacks targeting churches and other sites on the semi-autonomous, and mainly Muslim, Zanzibar islands.

Tanzania Priest Survives Acid Attack; “Militants” Detained

By BosNewsLife Africa Service 300px-fort-zanzibarZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife) -- Fifteen people, including militants of terror network al-Qaida and Somali Islamist group Al-Shabab have been detained for alleged involvement in acid attacks against a priest and more than a dozen other people on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, police said.