Pakistan Christian Girls Raped And Kidnapped

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan with Mary Priddy, BosNewsLife International Correspondent _44510469_pakistan_afp416ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife) -- Two Christian teenage girls were free Saturday, January 17, as they were rescued after being kidnapped, sold to other men as sex slaves, and forced into Islam by two radical Muslims, Christian rights investigators said.

Pakistan Police Free Christian Girl From Slavery

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan pakistanflag2SARGODHA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- A Christian teenage girl, who was abducted and enslaved by a Muslim, was with her parents Saturday, January 3, after a local court ordered police to free her, Christians said.

NEWS ALERT: Taliban Imposes Islamic Law In Pakistan Region (BosNewsLife Exclusive)

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan 09pakistan-600HANGGU, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Minority Christians and other non-Muslims faced potential persecution Tuesday, December 30, as militants linked to Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups imposed Shariah, or Islamic law, in the Orakzai Agency tribal region of the restive Pakistani North West Frontier Province (NWFP), officials told BosNewsLife.

Pakistan Blast Kills Christian Woman, Injures Several Others

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan khan20081226125955593LAHORE, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Christian government workers were among those recovering from injuries Friday, December 26, after a mini truck laden with explosives detonated near their homes in Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city, killing one Christian woman and injuring up to six people, officials and local residents said.

Pakistan Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Tight Security, Darkness

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan tnSARGODHA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Pakistan celebrated Christmas Eve amid tight security late Wednesday, December 24, amid fears Islamic militants may try to attack churches and other Christian institutions.

Pakistan Police Raid Christian Slum; Women Injured

By Jawad Mazhar BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan christian-protestors-in-front-of-dpo-officeSARGODHA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Pakistani police ransacked run-down homes of Christians living in a slum of Pakistan's 10th largest city and "severely tortured Christian women" leaving several of them "critically injured", local residents told BosNewsLife.

Impoverished Pakistan Christian workers Receive Christmas Bonus

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan christmaspakistanLAHORE, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- In an unprecedented move the government of Pakistan's Punjab province has ordered all government agencies to pay a Christmas bonus to impoverished Christian employees, following religious tensions in the region, officials told BosNewsLife Sunday, December 14.

Pakistan Christian Politician Injured In Attack (BosNewsLife Exclusive)

By Jawad Mazhar, BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan dsc00022SARGODHA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife) A Christian politician in Pakistan's Punjab province was recovering of his injuries Thursday, December 11, after he was apparently nearly killed by Muslim activists, amid growing religious tensions in the region.

Pakistan Acquits Jailed Christian On ‘Blasphemy’ Charges

GUJRANWALA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- A medical Christian doctor was in hiding Thursday, November 13, after being acquitted on blasphemy charges and released from prison, Christians said.

Pakistan Authorities Threaten To Bulldoze Dozens Of Christian Homes In Lahore

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Dozens of Christian families in Pakistan's second largest city refused to vacate their homes Tuesday, November 11, despite the expiration of an order from authorities to leave immediately, Christian rights investigators said. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) issued a notice to some 48 Christian families in Lahore on October 28, to vacate their houses within 72 hours without providing compensation and alternative housing, said the US-based human rights group International Christian Concern (ICC) with Website LDA is responsible for planned development in Lahore and also acts as a regulatory body for construction and related permissions for homes and commercial properties. The Christian neighborhood is scheduled to be demolished to make way for a widening of the main road in their Mariyam colony in Lahore's Quid-e-Azam town area, ICC said. "In violation of eminent domain law in Pakistan, however, the government is not offering these families any compensation.� The 67-year-old local resident Mansha Bhagat, who chairs the advocacy group Pakistan Masih Itehad, or 'Pakistan Christian Unity' said in published remarks that he and others would “never allow the administration to demolish their houses. "The local government does not treat us as equal citizens, and we are not provided the basic civic facilities as well."HUNDREDS OF HARDSHIPSBhagat added that the forefathers of the Christian community "faced hundreds of hardships to build this colony and now it is impossible for us to leave this place for the [notorious criminals]." He said he would be the "first one" to put himself "in front of the bulldozers when they come to bulldoze our houses." ICC said some 70 people threatened that they would commit “collective suicide� if government officials bulldozed their houses. Bhagat has urged authorities to allot alternative plots with complete civic facilities and compensation to all the effected families, ICC added. Several families have reportedly moved their belongings to their relatives' houses, but were determined to stay in their own houses even if that meant their deaths. “They complained that their children are experiencing severe emotional anxiety and could not go to school,� ICC said. Officials could not immediately be reached for comment, but ICC said there have been talks between LDA and representatives of Christians, who have been living in the neighborhood since 1984 and “regularly pay all their utility bills.�The group said it has urged its supporters around the world to contact Pakistani embassies to demand they "protect the rights of Christians and all religious minorities." There has been growing tensions over the perceived lack of protection of religious minorities in this mainly Muslim nation. END