Uzbekistan Restrictions On Released Pastor; Others Facing Prosecution

By BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest BUDAPEST/TASHKENT (BosNewsLife)-- A frail Christian pastor who was released from prison in Uzbekistan last month still faced severe restrictions on his freedom Saturday, February 19, and authorities plan to prosecute other believers for involvement in an unregistered local Baptist church, Christians said.

NEWS WATCH: Turkey Recalls Envoy After Germany Calls Armenian Massacre “Genocide”

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondentactivistsarmenia ISTANBUL/BERLIN (BosNewsLife)-- Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Germany to protest against the German Parliament's decision to declare the massacre of Armenians during World War I a "genocide". The vote heightens German-Turkish tensions amid an ongoing refugee crisis.

NEW EUROPE: Refugees Overwhelm Hungary; Country Wants Anti-Migrant Fence

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife reporting from Ásotthalom refugeesfilenowÁSOTTHALOM, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)-- More than 60,000 refugees arrived in Hungary this year, mostly through the unprotected border with Serbia. Overwhelmed by the mass influx of migrants, Hungarian authorities said they want to install a four-meter fence along this stretch of border to keep the migrants out. A recent poll indicates most Hungarians support the fence.

Protestants Protest Religious Restrictions In Belarus

By BosNewsLife News Center lukashenko1MINSK/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Some 50 Protestant pastors, many of whom were punished for religious activities, have written to President Aleksandr Lukashenko complaining of long-standing restrictions, an advocacy group said Tuesday, August 25.

Uzbekistan Jails Baptists, Threatens Church, report

By BosNewsLife Special Correspondent Marshall Ramsey with BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest TASHKENT/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Police in Uzbekistan reportedly jailed ten Baptists for up to five days and fined three others 80 times the monthly minimum wage on charges of unauthorized worship at home, BosNewsLife monitored Friday, August 7.

NEWS WATCH: Lithuania Shuts Down Its Only Nuclear Power Plant

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife ign01_ignalinaBUDAPEST/VILNIUS (BosNewsLife)-- Lithuania has closed down its Soviet-built nuclear power plant as part of an agreement with the European Union, ushering in a new era of energy uncertainty for the country.

NEWS WATCH: Ukraine’s Orthodox Church Leader Dies While Rebels Regroup

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife metropolitanKYIV, UKRAINE (BosNewsLife)-- Metropolitan Volodymyr, who led Ukraine's Moscow-linked Orthodox Church for more than two, often turbulent, decades has died, leaving behind members struggling to overcome hardship in the war-torn east. News of his passing prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to express his condolences to the church.

Baptist Congregation Appeals Against Closure

By BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest ti-lgflag1DUSHANBE/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Members of a Baptist congregation in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe have appealed to the City Court against a ban on their activity, which was apparently imposed because they meet in a private home without state registration, BosNewsLife learned Wednesday, December 2.

NEWS WATCH: International Observers Condemn Ukraine’s Elections As “Setback”

Listen to the BosNewsLife News report via Vatican Radio: RealAudioMP3 By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife reporting from Uzhhorod, Ukraine UZHHOROD, UKRAINE (BosNewsLife)-- International observers have questioned Ukraine's democratic credentials saying Sunday’s parliamentary elections were overshadowed by "a lack of transparency" and abuse of power.

NEWS WATCH: Ukraine Prays, Remembers Victims Of Clashes

Listen to BosNewsLife News report via Vatican Radio:RealAudioMP3 Listen to the report by Linda Bordoni: RealAudioMP3 By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife with additional reporting by Vatican Radio's Linda Bordoni. protestersmournKYIV, UKRAINE (BosNewsLife)-- Thousands of Ukrainians have commemorated as many as four anti-government protesters killed in recent clashes with police. Sunday's massive prayer service in the capital Kiev came just hours after opposition leaders rejected an offer by the president to lead an interim government, as protests spread throughout the country.