NEWS ALERT: Up To 6 Christians Killed In Iraq

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service Iraq2BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BosNewsLife)-- Up to six Christians have been killed in a new wave of anti-Christian violence rocking the northern city of Mosul and nearby areas, an advocacy group said.

Iraq Christians In Czech Republic Amid EU Tensions Over Refugees

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife
PRAGUE/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Officials say the first of a total of more 153 Iraqi Christians who have been offered asylum in the Czech Republic have arrived in the capital Prague, after neighboring Slovakia also agreed to host Christians. It comes amid European Union concerns however that it is being overwhelmed by migrants fleeing war and poverty, most of them Muslims.

BREAKING NEWS: Traffickers Threaten To Kill Eritrean Christian Hostage

By BosNewsLife Africa Service CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- Time was running out Thursday, November 22, for an abducted Christian Eritrean man in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula after his kidnappers told him to pay $25,000 or face “organ harvesting” and be killed, he and Christian rights activists said.

A “Prayer Under Fire” Brings Hope to Israel

By George Whitten, BosNewsLife Chief Middle East Correspondent reporting from Israel JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (BosNewsLife)–- A song written by American Christians to encourage embattled Israel, entitled, "A Prayer Under Fire," has aired for the first time on Israeli radio and television, Worthy News learned Wednesday, January 14.

NEWS ALERT: Egypt Coptic Leader Condemns “Dark Terrorists” Amid Over 700 Deaths

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service Pope-Tawadros-II-will-be--010CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- The leader of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church on Saturday, August 17, condemned "dark terrorists" who he said are terrorizing Christians and Muslims as the death toll of this week's violence rose to more than 700 people.

US Pastor Jailed In Turkey Publishes Worship Song

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife ISTANBUL, TURKEY (BosNewsLife)-- An American pastor jailed in Turkey on controversial security charges has published a song to raise awareness about his unrelenting faith in Jesus Christ, his wife and friends say.

Christians Fear Libya’s Islamic Laws

By BosNewsLife Africa and Middle East Services with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos christians TRIPOLI, LIBYA (BosNewsLife)-- Minority Christians in Libya have begun the New Year with concern after parliament voted to make sharia, or Islamic law, the source of all legislation.

U.S. Denies Entry To “Thousands” Of “Persecuted” Iraqi Christians (UPDATE)

(ADDS MORE BACKGROUND, CHANGING LEAD) By BosNewsLife Correspondents Joseph DeCaro and Stefan J. Bos BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BosNewsLife)-- The immigration status of thousands of Christians fleeing bloodshed and persecution in Iraq remained uncertain Monday, November 28, due to new security measures in the United States following fresh terrorism concerns, aid workers said.

Syrian Christians Blamed For Islamic State-Like Atrocities (Column)

By Martin Roth, BosNewsLife Senior Columnist syria-war DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife Columns)-- An article in The Times newspaper alleging atrocities by Christian militia in Syria has sparked some “I told you so” posts on social media, from people claiming that Christianity is inherently just as violent as Islam.

NEWS ALERT: Iran Christians Facing Execution, Network Reports

By George Whitten, BosNewsLife Senior International Correspondent MASHHAD/JERUSALEM (BosNewsLife)-- Three Christians are being threatened with the death penalty if they do not renounce their Christian faith and revert back to Islam, a well-informed Christian network reported Monday, September 13.

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